How To Self Publish A Book

So, you just finished writing a book and you are ready to go to print, congratulations! If you have a literary agent to market your completed novel to publishers, you are well ahead of your peers. However, if you are lacking in the agent department and have yet to hear back from publishing enquires you may have sent out, there are other options available. Self-publishing on Amazon in particular is a great way to get your book out there without the hassle of waiting on a larger publishing house to pick up your manuscript. We are going to help you learn the ins and outs of self-publishing with our quick start guide so you get your book into the hands of eager readers more efficiently.

Complete Your Novel

Of course, the first thing you need to do is make sure your book is complete and ready to print. Writing your book is only the first step. Before you move forward you will need to check your story for proper character development, plot line conflicts, length and many other small, little details that will ensure the story has a smooth flow.

Have The Book Professionally Edited

Once your manuscript is complete, it will need to be reviewed by a book editor, proofread, and then formatted for whatever medium you plan to use for publishing. When it comes to editing, this is perhaps the most important step when self-publishing. You will need to make sure that you hire a professional who is comfortable with self-published manuscripts and can guide you on changes that may help your book perform better in the market. Since you will be paying your editor in advance out of your own pocket, it is a good idea to do as much of the work on your own before handing it over for a final polish.

Create An Attractive Cover

The cover is a reader’s first introduction to your book and your story. If you have a lackluster cover, chances are your book will stay on the shelf instead of going home to become a reader’s best friend. Have some ideas in mind that will help the reader visualize what your story is about without giving away any key plot points. Find a professional artist to give you a mockup and create a final cover to use when you self-publish your book.

Manage Your Internal Layout

The way your text looks in the book will also have an effect on how well it sells. Make sure that you choose an eye-friendly font and set the text to a size that is neither too small nor too large. Formatting is also important. Do you plan to have art or fancy intros at the start of every chapter? Perhaps you will have a couple of pages of maps or inserts? Whatever your plans may be, ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing and placed properly before you go to print.

Publish An E-Book & Print A Copy

In the past when you wanted to publish on your own, it meant spending a few thousand dollars upfront for thousands of copies. You would then need to ship these out to various retailers for distribution. Now, you can self-publish for far less by releasing online versions of your book with the option to print. Consider publishing with Amazon or any other service that offers electronic books. Print a paperback for yourself, and also make sure there is an option for readers to order a printed copy if they desire. This will save you money while also allowing you to get your books in the hands of people who want to read your stories.

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