Rookie Mistakes To Steer Clear of If You’re Thinking of Publishing an Ebook

By liberating the masses from the constraints of traditional publishing, ebooks have opened the possibility of publishing a book up to countless authors, businesses, and organizations. If you’re thinking of writing an ebook now, you also benefit from the fact that you are no longer a pioneer. Ebooks are, in today’s world, both ubiquitous and trusted. They have the potential to help you achieve your goals regardless of who you are. 

Before you jump on the ebook bandwagon, however, you have some serious home truths to consider. Yes, you’ll find guides on how to write an ebook in under a month, or even in less than 24 hours, all over the web, as well as courses and articles raving that anyone can make money and build credibility by writing an ebook. The fact that anyone can publish an ebook doesn’t mean that anyone can do so successfully, or that there are no risks. To make sure that your ebook works for you rather than biting you in the back, make sure to steer clear of these rookie mistakes. 

1. Not editing your ebook

Nobody wants to read a jumbled and incoherent mess, and the fact that publishing an ebook is cheap and easy shouldn’t make you think that editing and proofreading are optional, either. You might actually be able to write a short and effective ebook in under a day, yes, but remember that editing is at least half the work. If you’re not sure you can self-edit (and hint, most people really can’t), hiring a freelance editor is highly likely to turn out to be a solid investment for those who were hoping to make money from their ebook.

2. Not having a solid grasp of your subject matter

Publishing an ebook can be a profitable endeavor, whether you are planning to monetize the ebook or to give it away for free as a marketing strategy. If, however, your sole goal is to rake in the dollars, it’s still crucial to make sure that you content is credible, authoritative, helpful, or entertaining. Ebooks become popular because they fill a need, and that means understanding what you are talking about. 

3. Not marketing your ebook properly

The fact that it is cheap, easy, and quick to publish an ebook also has a downside — it means that you miss out on some of the benefits you’d get from traditional publishing. After your ebook is out there, it’s up to you to take the steps that ensure that people actually know about its existence, so they can read it. Learning how to market your ebook is an integral part of its success. In most cases, setting up a clear landing page for your ebook, sharing your ebook on social media, and making links to it prominently visible in any marketing content you send out to your audience will also be key parts of your strategy. Creating buzz around your ebook with the help of high-profile influencers won’t harm you, either, and depending on your budget, you will want to invest in advertising, too.

4. Not understanding your ebook distribution options

In partnering with Amazon and giving them exclusive distribution rights through their KDP Select program, ebook authors will gain a range of promotional advantages, as well as significantly higher royalties. This does, on the other hand, mean that you will not be able to publish your book anywhere else. Although there is no universally right choice, it’s important to understand the pros and cons, so do your research before you take the plunge!

5. Not taking the time to have a professional cover designed

For better or worse, your ebook cover is going to be one of the very first things to grab your audience’s attention — typically before they even download your ebook. Software makes formatting your ebook a breeze even if you’re not technically inclined, and you won’t even have to fork out extra money for that, but unless you are a graphic designer by profession, you will want to outsource the cover design to get the best results.

Now that you’re more familiar with the needless mistakes that can stand in the way of your future ebook’s success, your ebook already has a fair and square chance of standing out from the crowd and becoming a real winner!

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